Wander Management System

WanderTrack is Silent Partner Technologies’ solution for wander prevention and wander management. Administrators and staff of seniors’ homes and healthcare facilities trust our user-friendly software to provide real time information on the location of any patient or resident with a tendency to wander. The RFID application provides peace of mind for caregivers and the families of residents, especially those individuals with Alzheimer’s or forms of dementia.


WanderTrack includes the following features :

  • Perimeter based. The tracking application is personalized for each resident. The administrators, usually in consultation with staff and family members, decide the perimeters of the area which can be accessed by each resident. For example, certain individuals may not be allowed off their own floor by themselves. Other patients might have the freedom of the building but may not go outdoors alone without triggering an alert. Still others may go in and out as they please but would still wear an RFID tag in case of an emergency.
  • Works indoors and outdoors. WanderTrack operates in any size and configuration ofbuilding, establishing control points on every entrance and exit. Also, in order to support the residents in as many normal activities as possible, Silent Partner Technologies’ tool for wander prevention works well outdoors, allowing patients to enjoy a game of lawn bowling or a stroll by the pond and still be monitored for their own safety.
  • Long range of signal. WanderTrack RFID Readers, can Read Tags from hundreds of feet away.
  • Discreet transmitters. We also have RFID transmitter/technology that can be embedded in shoes or clothing or, more commonly, in a wrist band, helping the resident maintain the sense of self-esteem and not feel like a second-class citizen.
  • Wandering alerts. The transmitter is coded to recognize boundaries for movement.For the sake of a patient’s safety, any wandering outside the designated perimeter will signal an immediate alert to staff so they can prevent any mishap.